Saturday, February 27, 2010

AE fines and admin idjits

Today, many players received "warnings" for using scripts for auto-scout/auto-move/etc, some players not even able to install scripts as they are playing from their cellular phones.

Upon reading the AE Forums, I find that this isn't just me or my guild being hit with these fines, however, multiple guilds/players on multiple servers.

I look forward to hearing from any and all on this matter...feel free to post. No asshats please. This is something that I feel may cause the mass exodus against AE and want to find if I am alone in this thought process. If you have anything constructive to say, please add it.

*NOTE: If you wish to post this in your profile, which I would appreciate so we can get more people involved, please copy the below coding and paste it in your profile! :D Can change the wording for the link, but please add the link in one capacity or another!

[url=]AE Forcing Players Out?[/url]